Park Hall Academy, Solihull – Car Park Barrier with access control and CCTV

It soon became clear that to automate the existing gates wasn’t going to be possible. The decision was made to use car park barriers, initially to install an in and an out barrier. However, there was insufficient width without major alterations to the approach road and front entrance fencing and gates. So instead, a scheme was designed around a single 6 metre wide barrier and associated bollards to direct traffic flow. Important consideration was given to ease of communication between the main building and the barrier, along with improved visual verification through CCTV and integration into existing networked access control system.

Key features

  • 6 metre car park barrier
  • Bollards to funnel traffic flow
  • Intercom communication with front office
  • Access control integrated into existing system
  • CCTV coverage for visual verification, including number plate recording


  • Dramatic improvement to parking problems
  • Increased safety of pupils with slower traffic speed
  • Prevented access by children to entrance drive, preventing potential accidents
  • Improved site security preventing unauthorised access to car park