Sliding Gates & Automated Gates

Automated gates are available in the following types: –

i).        Cantilever sliding gates
ii).       Swing gates

Barrier One are installers of both of these type of gates & like all the services we offer they are manufactured and installed to the highest quality.

Automated Gates offer various advantages, such as: –


Automated gates allow people to enter properties without having to get out of their cars to open manual gates – a clear advantage, not only when it is bad weather or late at night but also for security reasons with persons not needing to exit their vehicles.

The gates will also close automatically once a vehicle has entered through them so there is no need to get out of the vehicle to manually close & lock them behind you.


Automated gates offer a higher level of security for a site in comparison to a car park barrier or manual gates.

Gates can be manufactured up to a height of 2.4m meaning they are not easy for someone to climb over.  With regards to the cantilever sliding gates, these can be fitted with a serrated metal top to again prevent persons from climbing over them.

As mentioned above, automated gates increase security for users due to them not having to exit their vehicle to open or close the gates.


All automated cantilever sliding gates installed by Barrier One are fully safety compliant to BS/EN12453 – and include: –

4 x    live monitored safety edges
1 x    flashing warning light
2 x    dual height safety photocells