Why have a maintenance contract?

Barrier One offer a maintenance contract for systems we have installed or for existing systems, following a site survey.

We highly recommend taking out a maintenance contract, for the following reasons:

Legal implications

If your barrier was to cause injury, the fact you have no maintenance programme would leave you wide open to a negligence case (as clearly you have breached your ‘duty of care’ in that you are failing to maintain an item of ‘machinery’*). By taking out a maintenance contract you are demonstrating you are taking reasonable steps to ensure equipment is maintained by a competent party.


There are items on your barrier that if allowed to ‘fail’ cause catastrophic damage. This is to say that the cost of the item is insignificant compared to the affect that item failing causes to the barrier machinery – a good comparison would be a cam belt in an engine.


Waiting for things to fail means that invariably there is going to be ‘down time’ between the failure and the opportunity to fix, including sometimes waiting for parts. Scheduled servicing allows for near complete continuity of operation of equipment**.


Non-maintenance customers are charged the full call-out whereas maintenance contract customers receive a substantial discount if a call-out is chargeable. Our maintenance package includes a scheduled service visit and an emergency call-out – the majority of customers never end up paying for any additional callouts during the year.


*There are specific Health & Safety Laws on the responsibilities concerning the maintenance of ‘machinery’ (The Machinery Directive 98/37/EC).

**It is statistically impossible to guarantee that even a regular serviced item will never fail unexpectedly. However, the instances are substantially reduced.